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Delicious Recipes for Patients Recovering from Esophageal and Stomach Surgery

Here we have complied suggestions & ideas on what to eat after surgery on the esophagus and stomach such as Laparoscopic Fundoplication, Hiatal Hernia Repair, Paraesopahgeal Hernia Repair, and Heller Myotomy.  The length of time on a "full liquid" diet followed by a "soft diet" will vary per person and by surgery -- but here are a few recipes to keep meal times fun and interesting as you recover.


Most patients start out on a "full liquid" diet after having esophageal or stomach surgery with Huntington Laparoscopy.  For many patients, that means 2 weeks on this diet, but may be longer depending on the patient and operation performed.

Here are some helpful hints to remember:

  • Avoid carbonated beverages, straws, gum, or anything that makes you swallow air

  • Avoid ice or chilled liquids for several weeks after surgery. Cold things can bother your esophagus and make you have a painful spasm.  (If that happens to you - drink a glass of hot water!)

  • Hot or room temperature liquids will be smoothing after surgery

  • Spicy foods, tomatoes, and caffeine are fine after surgery

  • No chunks - make sure everything is blended or strained.

  • Eat slowly and mindfully. Do not overeat!


Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

Cheese adds flavor and heartiness to this soup from Taste of Home.


Fire Roasted Spicy Tomato Soup

A simple recipe - with a tasty kick!


Quick Golden Squash Soup

Don't like squash? Think again! This soup's golden color and rich, satisfying flavor will win you over.


Slow Cooker Curried Pumpkin Soup

"Looking for something new to beat dinnertime doldrums? Try my pumpkin soup! A touch of curry powder lends an aromatic spiced appeal while whipping cream gives the soup its silky texture" - from a Taste of Home


Creamy Asparagus Soup

Simple but oh-so-satisfying!


Southern Peanut Soup

Your choice-- use cream for a richer, thicker soup or broth for a thinner option-- either way makes this protein-packed Southern dish a hit

Annotation 2020-01-31 082500.jpg

Hot Orange Ginger-Carrot Smoothie

Who says smoothies have to be cold? This hot smoothie recipe is healthy and tasty anytime of the day


Chai Maple Cider

Your kitchen will smell heavenly after making this spiced cider-tea


Caramel-Hazelnut Cafe Mocha

Melted Nutella? Say no more.


Indian Mulligatawny Soup

Missing Indian take-out? Make your own authentic Indian soup with this simple recipe. Remember to blend thoroughly though!


Cream of Wheat with Egg and Vanilla

A flavorful twist on an old classic. A great way to start your day!


Taco Soup

Enjoy the delicious flavors of tacos in this blended soup from Vitamix. (Just skip the toppings!)

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